29 4 / 2014

Cleaning out some polishes I don’t really like/need…..

Pic 1. Box-o-polish, all the bottles that are going to a new home, the three Juleps on the left I am keeping for now.

Pic 2. Need to swatch the Mineral Fusion and the Triple Shine… 

Pic 3. This is the triple shine Pool Party with 4 coats!!!! FOUR! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of patience. And it still isn’t opaque. (but my pic is blurry… sorry) 

Pic 4. And Mineral Fusion Blue Nile with 3 coats… I didn’t think I was going to keep this, but I had only tried it with two coats in the past… and two just left me feeling sad… but three coats is WOW gorgeous. Clearly not a spring polish… but I am keeping this one after all :)  Its amazing in the bottle and I could never get my nails to match… but that third coat and TaaDaa!